Thank you AMIGOS.COM!


Our lives are changed forever

We met on AMIGOS.COM in mid Dec 2009 and we welcomed into the world our beautiful baby girl Isabella Grace in April 2011. Neither of us ever thought going on an online dating website would bring us such happiness and change our lives forever.

Finding Garry

I had been single for 12 months and had been viewing profiles for several months to get to understand the pool of 30-something available men out there. I had been going to the pubs and bars for a few months with my girlfriends and knew that wasn’t the place to find my future life partner.

I believed I was ready to start seriously looking and meeting potential future partners, so I narrowed my search from 300+ to 5 men. Part of the criteria I was looking for was a man who already had children, which is something you can’t do at a bar, but with AMIGOS.COM this is possible. I wanted to find a man who had children because after a 12 year marriage and at 35 I thought my only chance of having children was now lost.

Garry and I spoke through kisses initially, then email, text – and then we called each other on New Year Eve’s, both a bit tipsy. We spoke on the phone every day after that day. Garry wanted to meet me and travelled to my town 2 hours away the following week to meet up. We had coffee and went riding on his motorbike around town, had wine and pizza for dinner at my favorite restaurant.

Two weeks later I came to visit him in his home town on the weekend of his 36 birthday, I got to meet his family and his 7 year old daughter (so much pressure!). Garry took me on a tour of his town, Griffith and took me to an area being newly developed for housing. It felt like a hint to me.

I couldn’t believe it!

After 6 months of travelling back and forth between towns, I finally decided to move. I changed jobs and at the end of my first month on the job found out I was pregnant. I was in shock, excited, but couldn’t believe it, even 8 home pregnancy tests later! Garry was very happy and supportive, and 8mpnths later we welcomed the arrival of our little girl.

I was very skeptical about online dating before I tried it, but now I have several friends who have met their partners online, who otherwise would not have met. I know I wouldn’t have met Garry any other way but online. Thank you AMIGOS.COM!

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