My experience of the online dating: a success!


Online dating? Nah, that’s surely not for me!

Yeah, it all started from my friends – can you believe that they went on and on, trying to outdo each other, telling me that I had at least to try one of those dating websites people today are just mad about.

Well, I must tell you I thought that it was rather a stupid idea. So, at first I dismissed my friends’ suggestions… but then I had to do that again and again until I finally told them something like “OK, OK, I give up… the idea to stand your advice any more”. Yeah, now it sounds quite funny to me.

But what if I try it?

The registration at didn’t take me too long, as well as the quick overview of the functions available at the site I took… I guess such sites all have the same base opportunities, right? Anyway, it turned out to be easier than I thought to start communicating with other people through the Come to think of it, people who create all these websites for dating make it all pretty simple and efficient – you look through the photos, choose someone to talk to, send him a message – and that’s how the initial contact is actually established through the Internet in our time.

Well then, in my case, it was Brandon, who actually sent me a message first. He liked all of my photos, including those of them, which I uploaded just to fill in the profile with something. Can you imagine that? But at the same time he was not officious – not in the least! He just asked at first if I was ready to stand him and his stories… so funny! We chatted as much as we could afford it in our free time – he is such a smart and interesting person, so I couldn’t but just have fun and enjoy our unobtrusive communication – it was quite all right for both of us.

Meet IRL? Wow!

However, it was a challenge for me to find out that people actually can not only send messages to each other, but also ask each other out! Yes, you got that right – Brandon invited me to go on a date. And so I thought for a while, whether it was a good idea to accept that invitation or not… We both knew each other well – at least it seemed to me at that moment that I know him pretty good… online. But what if he would turn out to be quite a different person in real life, I thought to myself then. And as long as the only variant to know that was to go for a date with him, I decided to try. And it was great! Thanks, it all was worth it – our meeting in real life, our online messaging, for Brandon is now my boyfriend and we are both very happy that we met online!

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