Niche dating websites – profitable or not?


Some of the unusual facts for you to know

The online dating market economics may seem a bit strange to you at first sight. Small websites intended for online dating purposes suggest being exceeded and driven out of a market by such popular international dating giants as or eharmony. However, it might be a surprise for you, of course, but niche dating websites very often not only manage to survive, but also succeed in providing dating servicing on the web, even together with larger sites that can boast millions of customers looking for their dating all over the world.

The fact is that these niche sites are even easier to be sustained at the online market. And they are not always rivalling larger dating websites. How can that be possible? Well, let’s try to make it clear. In fact, there are some reasons for that.

Probably, the most important one is because sometimes people, who belong to and are searching for some certain demographic like Indian one, have to use the special Indian dating sites, for example, although larger rivals can also have the wide array of choice of dating candidates. Like in real life situations, it simply can take you more time to find something comparatively rare, in case you don’t search for it in some specialized area.

At the same time, the percentage rate of such highly specialized websites, which fail to be rivals to mastodons of online dating can equal up to 70 per cent (while it is claimed that the same index for “general” websites, oriented on broader public is nearly 99 per cent).

One site to change it all?

Geek 2 Geek can be mentioned as an example of the website, which thrived. It was founded and is currently owned by a person called Spencer Koppel, a retired actuary (and a geek by his own confession). Judging by his words, Geek 2 Geek had had the most successful year in terms of growth and profit in 2012. It has approximately 350,000 of registered geek users, circa 100,000 to 150,000 of them being active members of the site. Come to think of it, it’s not such a large number.

And that’s exactly the specialization of the website that lets it not be afraid of the competition from other websites. That’s what is called a profitable niche market found. Still, this example is not typical in the sense that one site is run by one person. A lot of more or less successful niche sites are also run by large companies. For instance, one such company might own and maintain dozens of online dating websites, making cross-advertising.

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