What do people think about cheating as such?

What do people think about cheating as such?

If the modern surveys are anything to go by, more than two thirds of women in the United Kingdom nowadays believe that creating your own profile at any dating site or using some dating application while being in a relationships can potentially lead to cheating. In contrast, only forty-three per cent of men share this opinion, according to a survey conducted by the international internet-based opinion centre and market research firm of YouGov.

According to the results of this survey, which covered almost two thousand of grown-ups, about fifty-three per cent of men and nearly seventy-four per cent of women agree that sending someone intimate images to can be interpreted as cheating.

Then, more than one half of the responded women also consider even sending messages to someone through the social networks as the kind of cheating, while slightly over the third of men think the same.

Another interesting fact to be mentioned here: the survey showed that from the whole list of free dating sites it was Tinder that caused the most controversy between the answers of men and women to the questions related to the possible variants of cheating on the web resources.

Is it all about 24 percents that make the whole difference between women and men?

The figures, got from the research conducted also say that circa seventy-four per cent of men believe that paid sex with a prostitute could be equal to cheating. Furthermore, eighty-two per cent of the responded men think that even so-called one night stand is a kind of cheating as well. And, finally, approximately eighty-seven per cent of men believe that having regular sex with somebody can be called cheating.

On the contrary, the overwhelming majority of the women (about 89 per cent) think that paid sex is cheating, ninety-two per cent conceive that one night stand is cheating. And, again, almost all of the women (95%) are of the opinion that having regular sex with somebody is cheating.

The survey also helped to find out the other interesting fact: only one woman out of ten believes that even watching porn can technically be called cheating. Still, about three per cent of men share this opinion.

And, kissing is among other controversial points between men and women to be named here in the end, apart from using dating applications and visiting websites –about sixty-four per cent of women and forty-two per cent of men think kisses are cheating.

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