New takes over traditional: online dating


Most of those researchers who study the phenomenon of online dating these days share one view on the effect that it has had on the people. More and more of them are inclined to think that online dating websites and mobile dating applications actually managed to shake the foundations and almost changed the whole conception of dating as such.

Traditional stigmas and dating

A number of the recent surveys taken by several independent groups of scientists allowed to reveal quite interesting facts and figures. They say that, in particular, two out of every five singles in the age group of between 24 and 50 years old either take the advantage of the online dating sites now, or at least have tried the opportunities provided by the online dating services.

And the dating pool of users at almost any of the dating sites is truly an international thing beyond all the racial barriers. Let’s take the Muslim dating audience, for instance. Dating in its traditional meaning is a kind of taboo in the Muslim culture. However, there are enough dating sites for Muslims on the Internet today, together with online dating services for Indian people, Latinos, etc. The matter is that the online dating is used by Muslims as a rewarding and effective way to skirt the ban and search for potential lifetime partners, though many of them will unwillingly admit it.

Online dating patterns continue working in real life?

As a matter of fact, online dating sites can’t be considered an effective means of building long-term relationships in real life. Only 5 per cent of all people who use online dating build such relationships with a person they’ve met online. Moreover, only 10 per cent of people who prefer online dating actually get any replies. It would be naturally naive to expect some other results, as the plumping majority of online daters don’t care much about filling out their dating profiles correctly.

Free opportunities or a prepaid membership?

There is actually no clear answer to the question which dating sites are better: free ones or those with paid membership. Some researchers claim that paid web dating services are better just because they’ve got potentially more dating matchmaking features and the customers’ support provided by specialists in dating. And the sum of money that you will need for signing up for a paid site can actually be compared to the amount you spend on those dating partners you can find via the free dating sites. Free sites, on the hand, have more daters to choose from. Anyway, it remains up to you to decide which sites you will use.

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