Top 10 things women hate about men

womenhate Met a girl at one of the free dating websites? Be ready to avoid the following things…

Being too dominant

It’s true, of course, that the majority of women prefer to see a man as someone who will take care of them, make them feel in safety, but you should remember that no one likes being controlled all the time. So mind that if a guy dictates his will to a woman, she is more likely to leave him as soon as possible than feel protected.

Bad appearance

The inability of some men to dress with care and keep things like fingernails/hair/teeth/breath, etc. in proper order is among the major turn-offs for many women. You can be smart as hell, but if you use to look like you haven’t slept for a couple days and haven’t looked into the mirror during this period… well, that is a real problem. After all, a good dress is a card of invitation, isn’t it?

Fear of long-term commitment

Some men don’t just realize that even a one-night stand can turn out to become something more serious like dating, for instance, which in its turn can potentially grow into something bigger… So when it comes to serious things, a lot of men are afraid to take the responsibility of future relations or take the lead and therefore are scared away, while women usually expect them to be more consistent and confident.

Bad language

It’s not that you’re absolutely forbidden to get a strong word in edgeways or use various vivid “epithets” when on a date, but if you step over some limit when you already don’t know how to do without them… In a word, try to mind your manners whenever it comes to communication with a woman you’re dating.

Being stereotyped and dull

Women can’t stand men who aren’t able to be original in any of the life aspects. So prepare to think differently, have unusual ideas and be ready for spontaneous actions to make nice surprises for your woman – on a regular basis, but not too often, unless you want to gain the character of a crazy fellow.

Constant neediness

Let’s make it clear – confidence, stability and inner strength are the things women will always appreciate in men. Sense of insecurity and neediness will never be included into this list. Girls don’t like the idea of dating someone who isn’t sure in anything and needs constant support.

Lack of romance

The routine of everyday our life is surely the thing hated by both genders. But girls as a rule need more romance to feel emotionally connected to their partner. So at least try to bring a little bit of romance to your relationships.

On arguing…

Briefly – know where to draw the line in your argument with a girl and don’t make her feel self-conscious/defensive.

On your friends…

It’s ok to hang out with your friends, but you should always be ready to spend more time with your girlfriend.

On other women…

Don’t stare at other women while on a date. You’ve got somebody more beautiful right here, standing nearby.

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