What not to do on a first date to prevent unpleasant situations

What not to do on a first date

So, here is just a couple of things for you to remember about when going on your first date. Some of them may seem too evident to you to be mentioned here, of course, but still – it’s never too late to learn something new about how not to face those awkward, but seemingly inevitable moments at your first date, right? So, what not to do on a first date in the first place? Smoking surely goes first, on top of the list of things that are almost unacceptable on your first date. No matter, whether you are going to kiss her on your first date or not – there are few girls that actually enjoy the scent of smoke. Then, drinking much alcohol at your first date might not be very a good idea, as well as going for it, being already a bit drunk, that is almost a typical clumsy mistake.

Learn how to appreciate your time – and never, never make her wait for you. Don’t be late for a date, unless there are some totally unforeseen circumstances on your way, of course. Plan everything you can beforehand – and you won’t have to solve much of the usual problems. What else, that we’d advise you not to do on a first date? Ordering some junk food, especially when you are going for a walk in the park or a mall is a bad choice.

Being too shy is sometimes the thing that does not contribute to starting up some new relationships, as well the bad manners, which some of men like to show in public only – remember about that. Finally, at the end of your date, make sure that she can get home safely if it is too late. Take a taxi for her, that will surely make a good impression of yours.

What not to talk about on a first date

Apart from concerning your actions during the first date to make it ideal, there are also things and topics not to be concerned. That is why always try to choose some neutral, non-inflammatory issues for discussion.

And here are 10 things not to say on a first date, unless you want to spoil it, of course. Past relationships are by far the number one topic of what not to say on a first date. Really, ask yourself a question: would you like to hear about the ex-boyfriend from the girl you are going to start dating with? Then, if you have got kids, it’s better to mention about this. But don’t talk too much about them. And, continuing this list of related issues, there are two more of them to be named here: marriage and sex. Getting married, having babies, sexual relations – all those topics should be avoided when you are chumming up with someone. Among the undesirable themes for discussion and things not to say on a first date then comes the politics – try not to forget that your first date is for getting to know each other and having fun together. So there is absolutely no point in turning it into some kind of a debate meeting.

What not to say on a first date, besides all the above mentioned matters? Talking about yourself all the time goes next– it’s always better to show that you are interested in her a little bit more than she’s interested in you. This also refers to your problems in life – your date is surely not the person to be burdened with them. No one likes to hear about the problems, especially at the first date. Needless to say, that all your diseases and illnesses are also not the among the things to say on a first date.

Finally, there are last three things of what not to say on your first date, which are usually either too personal or uninteresting to: religion, work and money (especially wages). And also keep in mind that sometimes it’s just better to rely upon the sense of humor, so think beforehand of some funny things to say on a first date in case you might need to defuse the situation. In the end, take it all easy – and everything will pass entirely without incident.

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