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Flikdate app: Version 2.0

According to the latest reports on the web, Flikdate app will use the newly raised funds to launch brand new version 2.0, which will incorporate a new online video dating platform, real-time chat, and instant video messaging. Together with the launch of the new version, Flikdate is also going to …

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Our culture of sex-obsessed ideas is turning males into pigs

Men are pigs. That could easily be the conclusion after reading two popular stories about online dating going around the Internet this week. The first is the tale of the guy who, not getting enough attention in the bedroom, decided to send his wife a spreadsheet listing all of the …

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Niche dating websites – profitable or not?

Some of the unusual facts for you to know The online dating market economics may seem a bit strange to you at first sight. Small websites intended for online dating purposes suggest being exceeded and driven out of a market by such popular international dating giants as or eharmony. …

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The second most popular way to meet potential partners in Australia

Online dating is the second most effective meeting method – report MEETING a potential partner at a nightclub isn’t appealing to individuals aged 35-45, which would be one reason why an Australian online dating site reports half of its users are in that age group. Preliminary results of the Date …

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Hot or not mobile app relaunch

A Dating App Hot Or Not Relaunches and Shows Alluring People Near You Hot or Not, one of the best online dating websites in the past where members voted on the attractiveness of others, is realizing its mobile relaunch. Owned by Badoo online dating company based the UK, this revamped …

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New takes over traditional: online dating

Most of those researchers who study the phenomenon of online dating these days share one view on the effect that it has had on the people. More and more of them are inclined to think that online dating websites and mobile dating applications actually managed to shake the foundations and …

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Phishing attack against online dating websites

Mass identity theft attack launched against online dating websites People who use online dating websites whether it will be dating sites for black people, Latinos, or Asians they all can be a proper target for fraudsters. Members of eHarmony, , Christian Mingle, Zoosk and others had received some emails …

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Males claim that younger females are readily available and single

Dating and age stereotypes: Should females hide their age? In a society geared to double standards, youth and ageism between the both sexes is still alive. Will double standards, discrimination and stereotypes ever end in decent society? Is true equality a far illusion we aspire to, or is it reachable …

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What do people think about cheating as such?
What do people think about cheating as such?

If the modern surveys are anything to go by, more than two thirds of women in the United Kingdom nowadays believe that creating your own profile at any dating site or using some dating application while being in a relationships can potentially lead to cheating. In contrast, only forty-three per …

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To pay or not to pay?

Should you or should not you split the check on your first date? In the twenty-first century, the dating rules appear very different from the rules that our parents followed only several decades earlier. Although “attentions” no longer exist in its more usual forms for a lot of adults, certain …

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