Wyldfire – new approach to signing up process


As a rule, when dating online, women know who they are looking for and choose for themselves among the free dating websites for black people, free Indian dating sites, etc. They can rely on the privacy and registration policy of many websites to protect them from scammers and other unpleasant things like that.

But in case with dating apps everything can be more difficult. The majority of them don’t actually have any people, who are responsible for monitoring the actions via the app, so things can get out of your control – in situations when anyone can send you a message with any text he wants.

Well, let’s make it clear here: it is no doubt that many people actually find their love via dating apps, that’s true. But at the same time there are enough so-called creepers who can spoil everything.

So, what does Wyldfire have to offer?

The creators of a new dating app called Wyldfire think that they have found the countermeasure against the problem described above. The app will allow women to look through the profiles of male users even before they join the dating platform. Moreover, with Wyldfire, women are going to have the opportunity to sign up for free, while men will need an invitation from a female friend to join the app. Such measures are taken in order to guarantee women users of the app that any man on the app has been approved by some other woman – so, he is obviously not a creeper, right?

The idea of such precautions came to Brian Freeman and Andrew White – the authors of the Wyldfire – when they both faced the situation women were simply anticipating some creepy messages from them and therefore didn’t want to start communication. Such women’s behavior made them think of some alternatives for sign-up process for women and men. Any man, who wants to join Wyldfire, has to receive a “feather” (a text message) from some woman, who will invite him to the app in such a way. So men either have to wait for it or ask some of their friends among women to send them a feather.

Apart from these initial measures, any reports on rules violation from users are taken very seriously. If a woman flags some user, his (or her) account will be at once suspended by the Wyldfire team, who will then try to take in the situation and decide whether this account must get the permanent ban. Such an option will be on the front burner since Wyldfire is going to introduces photo messaging at an early date. However, there’s only a beta-version of the Wyldfire app at the moment.

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