Success Stories

My experience of the online dating: a success!

Online dating? Nah, that’s surely not for me! Yeah, it all started from my friends – can you believe that they went on and on, trying to outdo each other, telling me that I had at least to try one of those dating websites people today are just mad about. …

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Lily and Michael: too late – we have already fallen in love with each other

Why it was hard for me to understand the popularity of online dating sites. Most young people are so strange these days! They spend much of their leisure time (and sometimes even labour hours) on what seems to be quite silly – dating websites and applications. I have always thought …

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0077 gave this couple a chance to love

I met my darling husband on the after several years of vague and unsuccessful relationships. I began to look outside of the features that I would usually search for in potential partners. I stopped taking things so seriously and kept my mind open. In the recent years I had …

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True story about successful online dating

Dating Success at I joined in June of 2011, after my friend told me again that I should “try it.” I was actually only doing it to fun and never thought that anything would ever happen. But after some time I got one email from Garbs1. It was …

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We met on the Internet

I didn’t believe in that stuff… My attitude to the online dating in search of the perfect match was skeptical. I thought that people practicing this method of dating are some flawed, have problems in a real life, are unable for a serious relationship, to put it simply… they are …

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After that moment my thoughts started to change

I decided to meet thinking only for a laugh! Just after the weekend, I signed up myself on, hoping there should be a lot of guys taking a break finally from sports to concentrate on dating websites. I was right, M signed up himself 3 weeks before. On Wednesday …

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I understand that I was what he and his children were searching for

It not only works but it happened quickly! I’d only been a user of for 3 weeks when I looked a photo of Kumar and looked through his profile. We appeared to be perfectly suited and had very much in common so then I sent him email. He responded …

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We’re happier than ever to start the rest of our lives together!

I was not sure if men could see past my wheelchair, but in my profile I made sure I was honest and up front My wishes come true, my falling star After unexpectedly quitting my work of two years, I made a decision to do something in character, I joined …

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I did get his real ‘last ever kiss’…

And to think we were both about to give up… Individually, after more than our sincere share of tricky dates, we’re both about to give up the online (and maybe offline even!) dating field and resign ourselves to being ‘crazy cat people’. Dan had one stamp left to use from …

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Thank you AMIGOS.COM!

Our lives are changed forever We met on AMIGOS.COM in mid Dec 2009 and we welcomed into the world our beautiful baby girl Isabella Grace in April 2011. Neither of us ever thought going on an online dating website would bring us such happiness and change our lives forever. Finding …

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