A woman “hacked” the conception of online dating to find her love


Meet Amy Webb, who once tried the free online dating websites, thinking it was her last hope – a woman in her 30’s, newly single, etc. She decided to put aside the criteria of an ideal man and choose from what she had online. And, in a word, her experience of the date with a man she met, resulted in what can be called… well, “not a successful attempt” would be the wrong word, but the word “awful” to describe the situation she faced is closer to the truth.

Later her dates were either comically bad or simply bad as they could be. And after one very bad try Amy, now the author of the new book called “Data, A Love Story” decided that she was doing something wrong – actually, she came to the thought her profiles at the online dating websites seemed to attract the totally wrong kind of men Therefore, her approach needed to be changed – she definitely had to analyze the information.

Gaming the online dating system

So, in order to meet her match, Amy Webb created a list, where she included various attributes (total number of 72) she would wait from a perfect man, from the ones, which could seem silly to the serious ones. There were the common standards, like being smart and funny, of course, and more specific criteria to meet her requirements.

Then, step by step, she came to the outcome of narrowing her search to ten male archetypes and created profiles of hers for each of them at one of the dating websites, and then spent a month researching the process of online communication scrupulously. She made a catalogue of various types of women behavior, the language they used and amount of time they waited before replying to a note.

Useful tips from Amy to be used by you

It all helped her to understand the main mistakes she had made in her own profile and it made her extract a few principles for creating a successful one from a collection of facts she got.

The patterns she derived can help you create a truly original profile to catch the eye of men. The first rule is that if you want your profile to attract the attention of a man, it needs to be: short and laconic, casual and funny. Instead of starting it from the dull description of your job, one should use optimistic language to show your ideas, hopes, dreams, and hobbies in brief.

One more practical advice from Webb to follow – being a really funny person is definitely more difficult, it requires more originality, in case you make jokes online and in written form – that is, no matter how loud your friends laugh at your jokes at parties. It will take you more talent and inspiration.

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