Learn her feelings through several simple signs


Top 7 Signs She Really Is Not Into You

There is no doubt that women that have agreed to go on a date are interested in you. Nevertheless, we do not know enough about an individual we met in the online dating sites until actually we meet her personally. Until then, it’s just interest but nothing more. You cannot suppose she is going to love you. In reality you should work to impress her. Most men omit to pick up on all signs a girl gives off. It can be signs that indicate she is interested or not. To determine if woman is not, here are 7 obvious signs…

Signs that indicates She is Interested Or Not

1. She doesn’t look directly in the eyes

She may give you a polite smile and turn the head away, but it is may be a false smile. When a girl is sincere into a man, she does look in his eyes. This is her preconscious way to say “What I see I like”.

If a girl were into a guy, she would give you her unspent attention. Some girls are just addicted texters. On seldom occasions, that is what is going on. However, in most instances, she is texting as a manner to ignore a guy. The girl finds her friends much more entertaining.

2. She texts often

3. She does not compliment you

If a girl doesn’t say even, “you look nice”, it is probably because she does not think you do. Actually, you can true up this by giving a girl a compliment to get known if she will give you a compliment in return. If she does not, she probably does not like you.

4. She always maintains the distance between you

If a girl likes you, she will every time look for manners to get physical contact with you. Guys behave the same way. If you make attempts to get close to a girl and notice she is pushing back, she is not into you.

5. She doesn’t respond to your messages after your date

If a guy went through a date without getting obvious signs she is not into him, he should send her a message or call the next day after a date. If you do not receive a response, then send her another one. If she still doesn’t send any response, she was not into you.

6. She does not laugh at your jokes

You do not have to be one of those funny guys to impress her, but if she is not into you, then she will not laugh at your fun. When a girl likes a man, she always laughs at just the most stupid jokes he says.

7. She comes up and soon excuses leaving early

You realize that emergencies happen sometimes. But in most cases, if she all of a sudden says that she should give her father a ride home, she is really just seeking an excuse to go away from you.

These were 7 main signs to see if your girl is not into you. With this tips every guy can get known about feelings of his girl.

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