Dating Thai woman? Have no problems with that!

dating Thai women

What should we start from?

So, let’s say you faced the situation when some Thai woman seems to have stolen a way into your heart. You would like to invite her for a date, right? And then also she seems to be ready to go on a date with you, great! So, what’s next? Do you know how to arrange it the way she’ll like it? Apart from usual questions, there are some more that might come into your head under such circumstances. “Am I sure that I won’t do anything wrong?” or you can also ask yourself “what should I avoid doing on our date in order not to produce a false or bad impression on her?

After all, do Asian and Thai women belong to some “other” category of women? Well, not exactly… Some other culture, customs and traditions? Definitely yes! So there are important advice to help you not to spoil your date with a pretty Thai woman.

Simple rules to follow

First of all, remember that Thai women like to see a serious man nearby, someone who is self-disciplined and confident enough. In most cases they will take the date occasion seriously, so it is a good reason for you to dress as appropriate and behave composedly on a date – forget about expressing your torrent of emotions in public. Make sure that you won’t look aggressive or insulting in your manners or speech. The good old principle of being a real gentleman will work perfectly in this situation.

Be natural if you want to make a declaration of your love or attraction, avoid various kinds of intimating, suggestions and hints – just take the whole matters into your own hands, take the initiative and tell her about what you feel for her if you are sure that her own feelings are the same – Thai women like such men.

Talking to Thai girl or woman on a date, never mention the topics, connected with sex and other kinds of intimacy – it is totally inappropriate to discuss such things with Thai women. Again, keep in mind Thai culture supposes quite formal attitude towards the questions of relationships, marriage and other things like that. So, if you are going to date a Thai woman, be ready that means you are going to meet her parents, too – another thing not to be taken lightly by you.

Some general tips to be mentioned in the end. Always remember that cultural differences as such can lead to various kinds of misunderstandings, that is why you must be twice as attentive on your date with a Thai woman. So do not make some ambiguous statements or compliments, if you are not sure that you will be understood correctly or your words won’t insult or confuse your Thai partner. Stay on the safe side – risk here is an unattainable luxury for you.

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