First date advice for women – what do you need to think about first?

First date advice for women

Let’s remember one good old proverb: first impressions are most lasting. It is especially true when it comes to such a serious deal as your first date. Your clothes, makeup and hair style usually determine the half of the deal. Be advised that a slipshod way of dressing is in the top of the most undesirable things on your first date. Still, remember that experiments with your dress are also out of place – just think about some variant of clothes that doesn’t only look good, but also helps you to feel comfortable in it. In a word, choose the appropriate dress and shoes that won’t constrain you in any way and which will let you feel relaxed.

Well, there can also be a variety of other factors in your appearance, which influence and determine the success of your first date, but we have tried to mention all the most important ones here.

1st date advice for women – psychological side of the deal

Learn how to control yourself and don’t be nervous – remember that he might be nervous, after all, this can be his first date as well. And so that excessive nervousness of yours can lead to some tension is in the air, awkward moments and phrases which are definitely not the things that you would like to have at your first date, right?

Learn how to listen to people – that’s surely the instruction you will come across amongst any first date conversation tips for women, apart from multiple advice how to choose the best themes for discussion or how to make up your own list of win-win conversation starters. And it is evidently important – in most cases you should choose the reasonable balance between the amount of told and heard by you during a date, unless you want to chew his ear off with your gossips about friends of yours or your work.

Another useful first date advice for women: if you want to make a good impression on him, maintain eye contact with him, try not to pay attention to other men (even if it is a gorgeous latin guy) or at least don’t show that you look at someone else besides him. Show that you are interested in what he is telling you about himself or his hobbies instead, and that you are ready to share his interests and ideas.

What else should be mentioned among the typical first date tips for women? Be active and confident in yourself and in what you are saying. You know, of course, some men are fond of dating with shy girls, but do you really think that that is your very case? Note that acting like a mousy person at your first date is not among the winning behaviour strategies anyway.

Your little helpers if or when something goes wrong on a date

Your sense of humour can be very helpful indeed, for example in case you face the situation that seems to be unpleasant enough to spoil the atmosphere on your first date – then simply try to turn it all into a joke! And the ability to laugh at yourself should also be in your armoury of strong points.

Then comes the magic wand of your charisma – don’t be afraid to put it into action if you have any complications. Involve that small amount of woman charm of yours in those cases when you are afraid to seem foolish or ignorant of something that seems to be important for him. Sometimes the situation may require much of your efforts, but still, admit that it is a worthwhile thing to remain charming under any circumstances.

Summing up, it may be said, nothing can prevent you from turning for help to different serious online editions, specialising in men’s psychology, of course, if you want to know about more successful first date tips for women. But we hope that these several tips that we mentioned here in this article is will be helpful for your first date.

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