Heard of the syndrome of Tinderella?


Several years ago, online dating was looked at as a last resort for singles that are desperate. Nevertheless, with technology development and dating mobile apps introduction in our lives, many singles have a success finding love online. But psychologists think that the negative aspect of the popularity of dating sites and apps has subdued social interaction. Now we neglect investing our time in communicating with people offline. And while this can be partially actual for some people, it is not applicable to everybody believe people who have found their mates in the cyber world.

Dating sites and apps help introverts be open

28 year old media executive, Michika Shah, met her husband in the Internet through a matchmaking website.

Michika says, “I had many reservations about joining a matchmaking website and was unwilling to post the profile as I didn’t want to communicate with random strangers. I didn’t know that I can meet my husband through the Internet. He sent me a request to be friend, which I unwillingly accepted. We started to chat, and became friends, but marriage didn’t come to the mind till a long time. We’re keen to finish studies, and gain financial independence before we made that decision. It was just later that we decided that we wanted to be the rest of our lives together.”

She says, not everybody you meet through the Internet is true to their description in profiles. There will be people who want to examine you. Love rats and con artists and stalkers are all online. And while this makes you apprehensive, mobile apps and online dating sites also let you to approach to more people worldwide that you could never encounter. The idea is to utilize it wisely. It has to be an additional tool to networking with other people but never exclude a social interaction.

Michika adds, “I know, a lot of people avoid interacting with somebody they consider appealing because they’re introverts and are afraid of being evaluated by somebody they admire. These sites and apps help avoid that fear. Give you some time to find a perfect opening line to approach the other person; you would otherwise avoid.”

Do not let the syndrome of Tindrella to take root

A clinical psychologist, Seema Hingorrany, says, “The Syndrome of Tinderella is growing in Mumbai. A lot of people are hooked through the Internet to find their spouses, partners and lovers. Sometimes I see clients losing touch with the reality on dating websites. People go through the Web for such searches because they’re looking for instant reward. Many even don’t bother to meet the partner in offline life, and chatting may continue for months. Interpersonal contact is missing totally in such a dating way. While there’s no harm interacting and meeting with somebody online. You have to communicate face to face with somebody before you make a decision to take things go far rather that get involved emotionally based on the interaction that you’ve had online.”

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