What Happens When a Man Falls in Love?


People around the world are often interested in the topic of love, particularly if they themselves feel that they’re in love. When a man is in love, he behaves differently than when he’s not in love. Pay attention to the telltale signs that the man you‘ve met on online dating websites is in love with you. Even science is interested in the topic of love — extensive research has been compiled on what happens in the brain when a person falls in love.

Body Language

Body language is often a dead giveaway when it comes to figuring our someone’s true feelings. A man who’s in love with be constantly smiling — you may even notice that his eyes seem to be smiling at you, too. Also, a man in love doesn’t take notice or show interest in other women — you won’t catch him checking out a pretty girl as she walks by or commenting on an attractive actress in a movie.


A man in love will do a bit of rearranging when it comes to his priorities in order to put you at the top of the list. He’ll spend plenty of his free time with his girlfriend, compromise when it comes to plans for the weekend and forsake his nightly gym workout in order to hang out with his girl and watch a movie.


When a man is in love, he’ll begin to think of the future in terms of “us” instead of “me.” Job choices, upcoming vacations and choosing where to live become joint decisions. He’ll make sure that you’re able to be a part of his future by planning things in accordance with you and making plans well ahead of time.

Scientific Discoveries

Scientists have studied functional magnetic resonance imaging scans of men’s brains when the men were shown photos of a person they love and photos of a person who they knew, but didn’t love. When shown the pictures of a person who they loved romantically, there was activity in the right ventral tegmental areadopamine and the right caudate nucleus. In layman’s terms, these are the areas that have a lot of dopamine, which is responsible for making people feel happy. There was also a lot of activity in areas that are linked with sexual arousal.

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