Things men like in women besides looks


Sometimes concentrating much on your appearance might be not the best solution in case you want to have successful online dating via the free dating sites, that might have potential. Although having a perfect body and a pretty face can win many additional points for you in the game of attracting a man… Remember that if you count on something more than just one-night stand, you will have to think about some other ways to keep him by your side and traits that you could use to your advantage. Here they are.


Or femininity is in fact one of the most dangerous weapons in your arsenal, an asset every girl possesses by her nature. There are indeed few men that can resist the temptation of being with a feminine woman. Don’t believe that showing your femininity automatically means your weakness or that it’s the sign of the weaker sex. Not necessarily! It’s possible to combine all the important traits and take control of the situation even being feminine.


They are something you will have to develop unless you want to content the results gained by your cute face and femininity. Yes, they aren’t enough. That’s why practice maintaining the hypnotizing eye contact to keep him looking into your eyes during any conversation. Learn all the meanings of hidden gestures. Be mindful that with the way you look at him, move or use your voice you can make him absolutely enchanted.


What does it mean for dating? Briefly, that supposes you choose someone to be in love with, remaining who you are, and, what’s more important, respecting yourself for your real self. It seems that there is no need in explaining how self-esteem actually influences and determines the way people around you take you. So be yourself, tend to be better than you are, be ready to change if necessary, always concentrate on your strong points and believe in yourself – then you will surely have good chances to have a strong impact on him.


Another trait of your character that can play a big role in your relationships. Being a positive and optimistic person, who is always happy and ready to have fun and enjoy every single moment of life will let you become the center of his solar system and make him literally orbit around you. Forget about the things like stress, strain, despondency or depression. Cheer up and laugh, use the sense of humor you have got and just tease him and play with him!


Believe that in our times men do appreciate clever women. Men are fond of women who can start and continue a smart conversation with them on almost any topic. You can catch his eye, but to keep him by your side you might need to be reputed as an intelligent person.

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