After that moment my thoughts started to change


I decided to meet thinking only for a laugh!

Just after the weekend, I signed up myself on, hoping there should be a lot of guys taking a break finally from sports to concentrate on dating websites.

I was right, M signed up himself 3 weeks before. On Wednesday he sent a kiss to me, and I clicked in order to look at his profile. Honestly, his picture was somewhat blurry, but the profile was funny. It would not hurt to send the first email and even have a live chat, said I to myself. He was cute and I was relaxed… all went very good till he wanted to go out with me, “I did not flirt, did I?”, “guy, you’re too young (actually he is only one year younger) for me “, “Am I willing to get troubles?”

After the first date everything has changed

With a bit of hesitation (actually a lot of hesitation) but not much expectation, I decided to meet him just thinking for a laugh. Though he asked my phone number, I did not give it to M since I did not prepare to keep him in contact for my future; nevertheless I checked messages before requesting to go to the “date”. M was very tactful and left his number for me, my thoughts started to change.

M was a little bit late and I was leaning against the couch cushions swigging an apple cider with my do not care face. He entered the cafe, in his tie and a black shirt, was not smiling actually, and looked very serious. We introduced ourselves, hand shake, but M leaned toward me to kiss on my cheek. I admit the kiss felt awesome and after that moment my thoughts started to differ from the previous ones more.

We were both nervous, but however a very good night. We talked about food, work, TV, hobbies, opinions on certain things, and past relationships. Through the conversation, I found him to be a genuine person, funny and honest, most importantly – we decided to meet on a next date.

Since that date I lost the desire to even open my laptop checking e-mails, I got somewhat angry at myself because I begin to like this cute random funny chubby boy who I met thanks to an online dating website? How come I begun to like him? Do I value what he said?

On our next time date there was a beautiful weather out, in the zoo most the animals were lying on

the grass without even getting around looking up. It did not actually matter to me, except patting the kangaroo; watching feeding the crocodiles, taking a picture with a koala, my real thought was I did enjoy the time with M and having his arm around my shoulders.

Thanks to which gave us the chance to meet, communicate and create a new relationship.

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