Online dating tricks: main dos and don’ts of online dating

dosanddonts So, if you have already made up your mind to join the world of online dating – well, then you have our best wishes for that. But, you know, there are enough of various things that you should remember about from the very start. Some of them concern filling out your online profile at free dating websites. Let’s have a closer look at some of the don’ts here.

Don’t number one: stay away from all kinds of clichés

Be original instead of following other people’s stereotypes. Consider producing the best impression about yourself on your potential dating partners to be your main goal – from the first try. Do a small research of your own, learn the most widespread dating headlines and then try to create your own one, avoiding the clichéd phrases like “I am the one you have been looking for” or “I am the person who your mother warned you about”. These two commonly used phrases are the signs of your bad taste, lack of originality and/or inability to at least seem interesting.

And if you face some troubles with creating your ideal headline, or if you are a bit worried that even the best of your ideas might not seem so fresh and original, then simply check out your competition. That will surely give you a pretty good idea of what words to avoid, and also might contribute a lot to inspiring you on inventing something really creative.

Rule number one: upload your picture!

Next rule is that you shouldn’t forget to upload the freshest photo of yourself when creating your profile. It’s absolutely necessary, believe that otherwise you will lose more potential candidates for the match with you than you can probably imagine, just because the people won’t be able to see your face. Incomplete profiles without proper pictures produce the distressing effect, as if their owners haven’t really committed to the idea of online dating. You might not like to be photographed, of course, but if you have already decided on online dating, then it’s not the right choice to be too shy and not post a picture of yourself.

Rule number two: the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Never try to lie on your profile and when you start exchanging messages with people you are interested in on some website. It’s not that you have to tell everything secret about yourself, of course, but still, there are some things about which you should be completely honest with your online dating partners. These things include your age, marital status, the kids that you either have got or not, your attitude towards religion and your appearance. In fact, all this can either contribute to or break any relationship, so remember that lying about those things will only postpone the inevitable (and potentially unpleasant) truth.

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