To pay or not to pay?


Should you or should not you split the check on your first date?

In the twenty-first century, the dating rules appear very different from the rules that our parents followed only several decades earlier. Although “attentions” no longer exist in its more usual forms for a lot of adults, certain conventions remain highly present, particularly when we speak about the situations where men and women should pay for dates. They say, “going Dutch” is becoming also increasingly accepted, especially on informal get-togethers or first dates.

Although it might be difficult to determine when there is the “right” time to split the check should be, here are some scenarios that are probable to occur during every dater’s quest in search for their perfect match. The psychologists offer to lead some rules according to scenario in order to avoid some kind of credentials or embarrassment.

Scenario #1. Daters Who Previously Met Online: First Meeting

It is often a safe way to assume that the “first” date is (or have to be) nothing more than just an introduction. To accept more may lead to frustration or disappointment for either party. Thus, it will be a good idea to split your bill after the first date. this will Not only remove the pressure of the man to be engaged in a chivalry act that may not be a desired one by their date, however, it will also enable both parties to express honesty about their feelings in order to enter into a next date without feeling of obligation, guilt or necessity.

Scenario #2. Old Friends: First “Romantic” Date

When it is time to decide who pays and for what in this case, it seems smart to assume that here the man should take the leading part, particularly in a case where he is making attempts to clarify further his intentions. Therefore, in this situation the woman’s response can speak a lot as to what will be the final outcome of this meeting. If a partner refuses to accept his/her date to be paid, this might be in reality a sign that all romantic undertones of a partner are less present than was thought originally.

Scenario #3. Traditional Mind-sets: Traditional Habits

Regardless of the exact nature of particular circumstances leading up to a date, very important factors indentifying who will pay for checks of a dinner or event are the expectations and values of the persons involved. In some cases, couples may sometimes adopt the approach “male should pay”, which is based on the historical trends, will be entirely reasonable. However, in different countries people follow different rules, for example, the habits of Asian dating and Indian dating can differ a lot.

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