Perfect match really exist, and how best do we find true love?


Happily ever after: The search for love online

One filmmaker will explain our obsession with finding match through app, starting with his own online search for ‘the one’, reports Jason Bartlett.

Ehsan Knopf, self-confessed “app addict”, was 17 when he began his online relationship. A decade later he is turning the search for a mate into a powerful documentary on the romance, and nature of love apps – Lovesick.

The talented director and film-maker is basing the film on his experiences navigating the apps common to the gay community. Amy Mills, performance artist, –online dater for a first time – will join Knopf on his purpose.

“The #1 thing I hope to get with Lovesick is to disperse myths surrounding online dating and romance and resolve the mysteries of modern search for match; some of the most mysteries being, does our perfect match really exist, and how best do we find true love?” says he.

“We were all struggling to make meaning and of sense our romantic interactions and our lives.”

“We all want to resolve our personal and cultural obsession with love and how we may improve our search for it and find compatible partners. I want the viewers to be empowered with new insights and knowledge about themselves and others that will give them hopefully more effective and fresh approaches to the pursuit and idea of romantic love.”

“With the online dating rise, we have been given these inconceivable tools that have helped us in our seeking for the perfect partner,” he tells to SX.

“With such tools and the ability to filter out people who do not match our idealized image of a match, it is easier than ever to hope we can find (him) indeed.”

“Using such services and apps, I have noticed that they have encouraged us to have checklist of tunnel-vision and expectations.”

“I have been using free online dating sites and apps for the previous ten years, without much of success. I have not been in a single during that period. Plenty of times I have wondered if the medium was the trouble, or if the medium was encouraging approaches and attitudes that worked against creating meaningful relationships with people.”

“For a lot of people, my generation particularly, using these apps is second-nature – it is almost a reflex,” says he.

“Part of why is that this world brings with it a lot of opportunities – the dating pool is huge and presents unlimited possibilities. Yet it does not come with a compass and map”.

“We want to use these possibilities but at the same moment we would all love to have better insights about others, ourselves and these connections and how to make them to be more successful”.

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