Top five mistakes guy make on a first date


First date is a really important matter, which has its own rights and wrongs, and there are rules not to be broken unless you want to spoil all the impression about yourself and ruin all your ambitious plans from gathering momentum.

Even if you are still currently dating online at one of the popular websites for latinos or black people, for example, make sure that you are at least aware of the following points to be prepared for your first date in real life. So, here they are – top 5 typical first date mistakes, some of them made without thinking, others more evident, but any of them can scare a woman away.

Talking too much/Forbidden topics

Actually, this can be called one of the most widespread and fatal first date mistakes (in fact, it is typical both for men and women). Too much talking at your first date will spoil its atmosphere and literally kill all the enthusiasm. It even makes no matter how many jokes you know – in case with your first date it’s always better to listen more than you say. Another important point is the topics for discussion that are either too personal (like your exes) or absolutely inappropriate for a first date.

Not developing the date at all

Don’t stay at the same place at your first place – that’s another good point to be mentioned. Walk somewhere else together after your dinner in a restaurant or a movie – for example, invite the girl to a park where you would have some of those nice romantic moments. Otherwise your date will become something incredibly stiff, dull and uninspiring that both of you wouldn’t like to experience for the second time.

Mind the eye contact!

It doesn’t mean that you should just stare in her eyes, especially at your first date, but still, maintaining the eye contact while you are listening to what she is telling you is the sign that you’re really interested in her. Remember also about one of the biggest mistakes possible – constant looking at other girls during your date.

Piling on the compliments

Making compliments to a woman is a real art. But here you should remember that too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Once you tell her one or two compliments, they work. Then, they will gradually lose their value and impact until your words seem literally meaningless.

Being too formal

Well, too formal conversations and even actions with your partner can be your protective response, in case your get nervous on your first date. For that matter keep in mind that only flirting is what makes date a date and distinguishes it from the friendly get-togethers. Romantic interest, teasing and baiting each other, applying the best sides of your sense of humor – those are the things that will make your first date a success. And take it all easy – first date is for fun, so enjoy it!

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