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I joined in June of 2011, after my friend told me again that I should “try it.”

I was actually only doing it to fun and never thought that anything would ever happen. But after some time I got one email from Garbs1. It was the beginning of September, and I took an opportunity – I replied to him back. After one week of back and forth emails, I understood we had to meet in person.

After first phone talk that lasted 7 hours and 58 minutes, I cut it short because it was nearly 5:00 in the morning and I had to prepare to go to my work and with no sleep! I was absolutely sure from that talk that I had just met a nice person, but also I was afraid – it was too ideal to be true.

We planned to have a date next week. It was a great time; we stayed up talking about different things until 6 in the morning! Then he asked me to see me again, and I answered, “Of course! When?” He said, “How is ‘later’ sound?”… Sure, I told him it would be great – but what he did not know was that I already had the other date with an old love that night! I decided to cancel that meeting to go out with my new friend again. That night we went out again, and we’re attached immediately at the hip. Within two weeks, I just understood he was that one, and we’d fallen in love. He is the most ideal person for me – he is the best person of all possible matches.

Needless to say, but it was a good time that we spend together. Every day we had a lunch and date in the night. Every time it was very hard to wake up in the morning but only the thought about the next date invigorated me.

Our unbelievable love of each other

On January 5, 2012, we began live together, and several months later we got engaged formally – three days before the one year anniversary of our first date! We’ve already planned a February wedding. I cannot tell you how unbelievable our love is of each other, and it is pure magic that we have together.

If anyone had said me that I will meet my nice mate on some Internet dating website, I’d have had him/her committed. In reality, all of friends of my future husband used to say him, “You know, you are never going to date anyone sitting behind the computer all day and night!” How wrong they were! LOL!

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