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Perfect match really exist, and how best do we find true love?

Happily ever after: The search for love online One filmmaker will explain our obsession with finding match through app, starting with his own online search for ‘the one’, reports Jason Bartlett. Ehsan Knopf, self-confessed “app addict”, was 17 when he began his online relationship. A decade later he is turning …

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New dating applications coming for Android in 2014

Nowadays owning a smartphone or any other mobile communication devices automatically means that you can look for dating opportunities online regardless of your location. Sometimes it can be rather a difficult task to orientate in the world of online dating, especially if you are keen on keeping up with the …

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The strangest online dating sites in the Internet

Top 7 strangest dating websites on the web In the era where everything and everyone is connected to the Web it is easy to understand just how huge the world is. A person today will interact with or at least is aware of a much bigger number of folks than …

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Exclusively for those rich enough to own a supercar enables supercar owners to find dates with women Want to give your love life a bit of va-va-voom? Non-supercar owners need not sign up FLASHY men looking for a date are in luck as the newest of online dating sites has been launched – exclusively for those rich enough …

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Mobile apps to change the dating, do they make the difference?

Some facts for you to consider For instance, more and more of the recent surveys show that although mobile apps are on top of their popularity nowadays, some people still firmly prefer to rely on more traditional ways of meeting new people rather than matching them through the dating apps. …

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The impact online dating has on us

Positive effects of dating online It’s a widely known fact that the Internet has already become a strong presence in the love lives of us – somewhere in-between the online dating websites and various social media. According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, approximately twenty-seven per cent …

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Dating can be tiring and exasperating, to say the least…

Getting tired of dating online? Dating can be tiring and exasperating, to say the least. To those taking full advantage of the online medium, it is not unreasonable to be going on several dates in one week. After going on all these dates, it is also not unreasonable to grow …

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More opportunities with dating video profiles

Any pictures – just video profiles Well video profiles are here and they were promised long. They kept it hush hush for some time but finally dating sites with video profiles are here – yes, this is the next advancement in online dating. So what is the scoop concerning video …

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Future Trend: Dating Black Women

Interracial Dating: Black Women Dating Will be Popular in Future! Interracial online dating is expected to be the hottest trend in our future, with a growing number of men choosing dating black women. The dating websites for black people are the leading websites today that cover the needs of people …

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Top worst online dating phrases in profiles

Newest survey helped to find out which phrases are the worst online dating phrases in profiles on online dating websites. Here are some of the most popular expressions. “Hello, is it me you are looking for?” Craig Smith (Glasgow) has just got to let everyone know how much he doesn’t …

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